Banking Jobs in Africa

CA Global Finance specialises in Banking recruitment in countries around Africa and specialise in determining best-fit candidates for various Banking jobs in Africa of ranging seniority levels and departments. We have a proven track record of success with some of the biggest companies in the sector, offering recruitment solutions to both global and local corporations. With our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of Banking and the African markets in which we operate, we are experts in the industry and can ensure the success of our clients’ projects on the continent.

We focus on all areas of banking in Africa, namely retail banking, corporate banking, transactional banking, investment banking, and development banking.

Over the past 15 years as a recruiter on the African continent, CA Global Finance has acquired a vast network of both clients and highly skilled professionals qualified for various Banking jobs around Africa, including locals, diaspora, and expatriates. With this network, we have been able to consistently deliver strong results to our clients and have earned a world-class reputation as an international recruitment organisation within this competitive industry. Our clients choose us not just for our professionalism and expertise, but also for our bespoke services which we tailor to their specific needs.

For enquiries, please get in touch with one of our Africa Executive Search consultants or Recruitment specialists. If you are a jobseeker, please visit our Africa Banking job board to apply for any of our currently listed Banking Jobs in Africa.