Contingency Recruitment

CA Global Finance’s Contingency Recruitment service involves the entire recruitment process, from the advertising stage all the way through to the negotiations stage. Throughout the process, we keep our clients up to date with a report. This service will give our clients a competitive edge in the African market, ensuring they are provided with top-tier candidates and achieve success in their projects in Africa.

We specialise and have extensive experience in recruiting middle-management, scarce skills and executive candidates within the Finance, Banking, Insurance and Legal sectors across Africa.

CA Global Finance considers each of our client’s resourcing needs holistically and offers a range of packages and services to suit the current and long-term requirements each client might experience. Our core services are Headhunting (Search and Select) and Executive Search.  We also offer Recruitment Outsourcing, Payroll, and Talent Mapping as additional services to ensure we offer a complete human capital solution. 

We can assist Lusophone, Anglophone and Francophone Africa searches due to our multilingual team of consultants. CA Global delivers effective results by ensuring that quality searches and approaches are being taken to present only the best candidates to our international and local clients operating in Africa.