CA Finance has significant experience in the recruitment of highly skilled professionals for high-level vacancies in Egypt’s Financial Sector including Insurance, Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s), Private Equity, Corporate and Investment Banking and Microfinance Institutions.

Egypt’s economy is one of the most diversified in African, with sectors such as tourism, agriculture, industry, and services at almost equal production levels. This results in a resilient economy and Egypt is the largest foreign direct investment recipient in Africa.

There is a particularly high demand for experienced industry Executives, Directors, and Managers to take positions in Trade Finance, Intra-African Trade, Project Finance and Syndications within DFI’s. Fintech is also an area that is gaining rapid moment in Egypt and greatly enhancing Digital Banking and further enhancing the trading of commodities.

Finance and Banking professionals who choose Egypt for their next career move will find an emerging market with exciting growth potential, and an opportunity to contribute to its development.

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