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Financial Services recruitment in Africa is one of CA Global Finance’s areas of expertise, and we have connected a large number of executives and financial professionals to Financial Services jobs in Africa. With the high percentage of unbanked locals in Africa, the continent has a need for financial service institutions that cater to low-income customers as well as higher-income groups and that can aid in economic expansion around Africa. This means many opportunities have opened up for international financial service providers on the continent, and global companies are increasingly choosing to expand into Africa.

CA Global Finance provides such companies with streamlined, personalised recruitment solutions, with a range of services tailored to fit each of our clients’ particular needs. We have a successful track record with recruiting high calibre candidates that help to take our clients’ projects in Africa to new heights and over our 15 years of operation we have developed a world-class reputation as well as an extensive client and talent database.

 Our consultants specialise in the African financial markets and have a deep understanding of the specific skills required for positions in the financial services sector. We recruit local, diaspora, and expatriate candidates and have a strong propensity for sourcing scarce-skill talent.

Should you see an opportunity on our job board below that you are interested in, please apply or make contact with one of our consultants. If you are building your workforce in Africa and require assistance, kindly contact us to speak with one of our consultants about your staffing needs.

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