Microfinance Jobs in Africa

CA Global Finance assists international and local companies in sourcing scarce-skill professionals for Microfinance jobs in Africa, ranging from mid to senior-level positions. We have 15 years of recruitment experience in the continent’s Microfinance industry and have established an impressive network of clients and talent in the sector over this time, along with in-depth knowledge and an understanding of the African Microfinance markets.

With the huge wealth disparity affecting Africa and the globe and a need to provide support to financially disadvantaged populations, the Microfinance sector is expanding steadily on the African continent and assisting these groups as well as providing funding for SME’s in Africa, aiding in the continent’s economic growth.

 We play a part in this by providing top-tier professionals to clients within this industry, using a highly refined selection process to identify and shortlist candidates from our extensive talent network. Our personalised services and the expertise of our consultants has resulted in much success in securing best-fit candidates for our clients for both permanent and fixed-term roles. This has earned us a reputation as a world-class recruitment organisation serving the Microfinance industry and supporting companies’ growth in Africa. 

For a confidential discussion, please contact one of our Africa Executive Search Consultants or Recruitment Associates. You may also visit our Africa job board to apply for any of our current Microfinance jobs on the African continent.