Forbes Woman Africa has created their first ever list of The New Wealth Creators – a collection of female entrepreneurs on the African continent running businesses and social enterprises that are new, offbeat and radical.

The list is made up of 20 female entrepreneurs across the African continent. Each one of them have been selected because they have created significant impact in their respective sectors by transforming a market or company, or innovating a product or service, and are pioneering their organization(s) in generating new untapped streams of income. Factors looked at include: their business model, new ideas, potential, struggles, social impact, growth, influence, resilience and most importantly, their innovation.

According to Forbes Africa, “They may be wealth creators but their businesses, ironically, did not stem from a need to make money, but rather from the need to solve Africa’s persisting socio-economic challenges. Economically empowering women has shown to boost productivity. It increases economic diversification and income equality, in addition to other positive developmental outcomes. Simply put, when more women work, economies are likely to grow.”

Here are the top 20 New Wealth Creators on the African continent:

Dineo Lioma, 28, South Africa

  • Sector: Biotechnology
  • Co-founder and COO of CapeBio Technologies; and Founder of Deep Medical Therapeutics

“My ultimate vision for Africa is that it transforms into a world-class economy that is able to be one of the key players in the advancement of science and the creation of wealth,” she tells FORBES WOMAN AFRICA.


Miishe Addy, 38, Ghana

  • Sector: Supply chain logistics
  • Co-founder and CEO: Jetstream Africa


Arlene Mulder, 34, South Africa

  • Sector: education, coding
  • Co-founder: WeThinkCode and Toybox


Jessica Anuna, 27, Nigeria

  • Sector: E-commerce
  • Founder and CEO: Klasha

“For me, being a new wealth  creator means creating economic opportunities for females on the ground in Africa,” she says.


Ngozi Adebiyi, 44, Nigeria

  • Sector: HR innovations
  • Founder, CEO and Lead Consultant: OutsideIn HR


Vivian Nwakah, 36, Nigeria

  • Sector: Digital pharmacies
  • Founder and CEO: Medsaf

“A new wealth creator is using innovative and disruptive ideas to improve on existing ways of life or ways of business in emerging markets and opening the people’s minds to doing things differently and creating jobs and opportunities that didn’t exist before because of their innovative thinking,” Nwakah tells FORBES WOMAN AFRICA.


Dale McErlean, 32, South Africa

  • Sector: Drone technology
  • Co-founder and Director: NTSU Aviation Solutions and AfricaUSC


Patrice Murugi, 23, Kenya

  • Sector: Bee farming and recycling
  • Founder and CEO: Patvention Recycling Enterprise


Rachel Sibande, 33, Malawi

  • Sector: Coding, energy
  • Founder: mHub and Earth Energy

“I believe in starting where you are from, where you are, and with what you have,”


Stella Sigana, 36, Kenya

  • Sector: Sustainable energy
  • Founder and Executive Director: Alternative Waste Technologies


Brenda Katwesigye, 28, Uganda

  • Sector: Recycling waste
  • Founder and CEO: Wazi Recycling Industries


Adelaide Odhiambo, 37, Kenya

  • Sector: Micro Insurance
  • Founder and CEO: Bluewater Insurance

“I think a new wealth creator is someone who is looking at a frontier that either people have ignored or have found too difficult to pursue,” she says.


Mathebe Molise, 32, South Africa

  • Sector: Beauty tech
  • Founder: Beauty on TApp

“I think beauty is not an African thing, it is a global thing and I think people share the same struggles all over the world and especially for young black females, some applications are not necessarily created for them,” she says.


Audrey Patricia Cheng, 25, Kenya

  • Sector: Education innovations
  • Co-Founder and CEO: Moringa School

“I think new wealth creators are people who are thinking realistically about the problem, so it is not just about how I create more wealth for myself, but how we create wealth for more people and for the next generation,” she says.


Michelle Adelman, 52, Botswana

  • Sector: Alternative food production
  • Founder and CEO: Infinite Foods, Go Fresh! and Crossover Meat


Beverly Gumbi, 46, South Africa

  • Sector: Container conversion
  • Founder: Isivuno Containers


Odunayo Eweniyi, 26, Nigeria

  • Sector: Fintech
  • Co-founder and COO:

“A new wealth creator is finding newer, more creative and easier ways to help people create wealth,” she says.

Nneka Mobisson, Nigeria

  • Sector: Digital health
  • Co-founder and CEO: mDoc


Leah Bessa, 28, South Africa

  • Sector: Alternative food production
  • Co-founder and head of product development: Gourmet Grubb


Sarah Collins, 48, South Africa

  • Sector: Sustainable energy
  • Founder: Wonderbag

“Africa has the most fertile land of female entrepreneurs in the world,” she says.

Congratulations to all these amazing female entrepreneurs for making it on this list!